Proyecto de Documentación Ñuke Mapu

Open Letter to the President of the Republic of Chile


at the Chilean and  Internacional Opinion


4th May, 2000
Sr. Ricardo Lagos
Presidente de la República de Chile
Palacio de la Moneda, Santiago de Chile

We are a group of different people native from different countries and representing different academic, artistic, of professional spheres and fields. In spite of our differences, a common interest links us : the history and the reality of the Mapuche people from Chile and Argentina.

It is this link, which couple Chile and the Mapuche people, which push us to get in contact with you. In the past last years, and in different occasion, we have been the witness of the high handed proceeding under which the Chilean government took care of the request of such a people for their legal and political rights. Thatís why many times we were obliged to proclaim in front of the international opinion the abuse of power and the high-handed proceeding, physical and legal exercised and the Mapuche people.

It is not a hazard if during the past years Chile was blamed by several international organisms. The North American Department in his annual file on the human rights for the year 1999 underlined the irregularities about the legal situation of the Mapuche prisoner and the abuse of power under which the women and Mapuche children are suffering. Danielle Mitterandís association France Libertés underlined too the Chilean State for its violation on the Mapuche rights (August 1999) in front of the Commission for Fighting against the Discriminatives Mesures and for the Protection of the Minorities by the United Nations. In the same way the Proposal of Settlement against the violation of the human rights for the Mapuche People in Chile of the European Parliament (March 1999) As well as the sentence of the Chilean government by the Committee of the elimination of the racial discrimination of the United Nation against the discrimination exercised on the indigenous (August 1999).

We were and remain dismayed by the last events regarding the detention and treatment of the Mapuche leaders. Victor Ancalaf Llaupe, Ariel Ancalaf Llaupe, Julio Huentecura Llacaleo, Italo Quevedo Tapia, Roberto Huentekol, Jose Munoz Marileo Calfuqueo and Luis Ancalaf Llaupe. Numerous of them charged for infringement to the law of interior security of State.

The detention of the leaders was justified by the declarations in front of the Judge Georgina Solis- wrested to a man racked under torture by the police. In spite of that, juridically the pretend to do a collective sentence. Everybody knows that this kind of acting is the favourite arm for those who pretend legitimate a law in force as a political instrument.

Mister President, We have to face again to a situation supported by the international organisms and the public opinion. It is because of such irregularities that the Mapuche leaders are today doing a hunger strike in the Temukoís jail. Thatís why we are today, in spite of the goodwill shown during your electoral campaign and around the Table of negotiation, this Mapuche Leaders are politic captives of your government.

It is wellknown in the wild Mapuche territories of the austral regions that the Mapucheís claims for the ancestral lands is latent. It is possible, otherwise probable that one day, as a consequence of the up to date circumstances the glowing embers will poke up under the ashes. The request for peace and justice Mapuche is a political claim and not a politico-military problem as it was qualified by the Mrs Belmar, Intendent of the Araucania Region. Mister President, we, who are signing this letter, are doing it in order to liberate the Political captives Mapuche and in order to suspend the application of the law inherit from the military dictatorship (The law of the interior security of State).

Jorge Calbucura, Ph.D. sociólogo, Departamento de Sociología, Universidad de Uppsala, Suecia Nilo Cayuqueo. Co-Director de Abya Yala Fundation for Indigenous Self-Determination in South and Meso-America
Prince Philippe d'Araucanie-Patagonie, France Carlos Piquil, Trabajador, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Gerardo Huircán, Profesor de artes manuales. Waldorfskola, Umeå. Suecia Miguel Utreras Imilmaqui Actor y Director Teatral, Noruega.
Laurence Ben Maamer. Export Manager (Fashion). Paris France Domingo Paine. Växjö, Suecia
Dionicio Barrales. Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Gloria Antipan 183 Warwick Rd. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Miguel Antipan 183 Warwick Rd. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Equipo Nizkor, España
Nizkor International Human Rights Team  Serpaj Europa (Belgica - UE) 
Derechos Human Rights. United Satates Coordinadora Estatal de apoyo al pueblo Mapuche de España
Gaston Lion. Président du Comité Belge-Amérique Indienne. Belgique Tonje Folkestad, Lic. Manejo de Recursos Naturales, Directora de FIVAS (International Association for Water and Forest Studies), Noruega
Mirek Doubrava, Traductor e Intérprete. Presidente Fundación Rehue, Holanda. Armando Navarrete S.M. , Est. Comunicaciones, Univ. Concordia, Montreal. Presidente "Comité de Apoyo al Pueblo Mapuche, Sec. Montreal, Canada.
Alicia Jardel, Profesora. Casa de América Latina en Bruselas; Presidenta de SEDIF asbl, NG de Educación al Desarrollo. Bruselas, Bélgica; Douglas Galleguillos, Animateur socioculturel. Centre Social Centre Ville à Villeneuve d'Ascq FRANCE. Presidente asociacion franco-chilena Cordillera. Villeneuve d'Ascq France
Bernadette Lhuillier. Enseignante, Villeneuve d'Ascq France Pavel Pavelic Jofre. Presidente.Covejuch-Belgica Comite de apoyo por la Verdad y la Justicia en Chile. Antwerpen, Belgica
Katarina Marklund. Graphic designer, Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm, Sweden Ingeborg Nordbø Master of science, Ålborg University, Denmark 
F. Elena Economou. Sociologo-Politologo. Experta en temas de desarrollo. proyectos financiados por la Union Europea. Buselas - Belgica  Makis Oikonomou.Ingeniero Civil. Programa MEDA de la Union Euopea. Team Leader. Meda Team Medio Ambiente y Desarollo Rural. Bruselas-Belgica
Ana Mariella Bacigalupo. Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Suny Buffalo USA Carole Mendret. Assistante Achats import. Paris - France
Ben Azri. Credit Manager paris. Paris - France Andries Sabine, Assistante Export, Paris - France
Dutertre Delphine, Étudiante en Biologie, Bordeuax, France Hammoudi. Noisy-le-Sec (France). Hammoudi
Peter Ekegren, Ph.D. in sociology. Department of Sociology, Uppsala. University, Uppsala Sweden Magdalena Czaplicka. Sociologist. Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Uppsala Sweden
Jens Holm Press Officer, Stockholm, Sweden Elena Martínez, Asistente social, orientadora laboral, Arbetsförmedlingen, Umeå. Suecia
Agrupación de apoyo al Aborigen Alas para la Tierra. Argentina Selene Mira Licenciada en Trabajo social. Argentina
Mirtha Rodriguez Licenciada en Radiologia. Argentina Anamaria Diaz, M.A.psicologa/salubrista, Univ. de Bielefeld, RFA 
Ursel Sickendiek, Pedagoga, Univ. de Dresden, RFA  Mark Behrens, M.A. literatura, Univ. de Bielefeld, RFA
Gastón Villamán. Cantoautor. Estocolmo, Suecia Alejandro Isakson. Ingeniero Civil. Uppsala, Suecia
Dr. Sergio Infante, PhD. Escritor,. Profesor Titular, Departamento de Español y Portugués, Universidad de Estocolmo, Suecia. Aris Ikonomou. London. United Kingdom
Jaime Muñoz Ramirez, Stockholm, Sweden Rosario Lewys Rivera. Secretaria. Honduras
Alberto Trivero, Escritor. Italia Anders Hökback, Computer Engineer, Uppsala University
Irene Molina, Researcher, Lecturer, Uppsala University Comite de Solidaridad y Derechos Humanos de la Comunidad Chileno-Canadiense Asociación de Edmonton, Canadá
Hugo Torres Cantante Winnipeg Canada Walter H Doskoch 7411-132 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Nora Fernandez 1103-32 Street Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Miriam Rodriguez 3208-145 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Sobre Reyes B. Moa Cuba  Maritza Columbie Moa Cuba 
Pedro Rodriguez 3208-145 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Degalio Henriquez 6411-34A Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Marianela Iglesias 566 Lakewood Rd. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Claudia Henriquez 6411-34A Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Estephanie Henriquez 6411-34A Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  H. Narayana 1146-85 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
S.B. Bailey RR1 Westerose Alberta Canada  Heidi Roan Wings Canada 
Domingo Chavez 3111-35 Street,Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Jose M. Hernandez 8512-24 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Jaime Yeager 8739-81 Ave. Edmonton Alberta Canada  Erminda Arias 10838-65 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Enrique Reye 17411-92 Ave. Edmonton Alberta Canada  Mario Pailamilla 2, 4565-102 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Reinaldo Uribe 5213-145 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Ramon Antipan 183-Warwick Rd. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Reinaldo Uribe Jr. 5213-145 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Nevo del Canto 10720-127 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Mario Troncoso 65 Sterling Rd. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Lorraine Swift 8902-120 Street, Edmonton Alberta Canada
Guy Smith 1956-Tomlinson Cr. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Enrique Jofre 1169-75 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Summer Swanson 8727-93 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Terry Musicki 10916-113 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Joshua Turnbull 10916-113 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Nick Franklin 279, 14444-119 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Dyaone Hicks 10830-130 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Maja Markovic 16113-84 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Cindy Coldwell 207, 10565-83 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Isis Gumbs B-304, 3405-%8 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Leon Boychuk 10435-86 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Christine Walker 9207-75 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Mykhailo Himka 1023-86 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Stefan Kulikowski 9439-75 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
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Elvira Leibovitz 9223-143 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Betty Mardiros 8902-120 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Vera Stevens Box 35 Falun, Alberta Canada  Louise Swift 8902-120 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Dianne Molstad 6720-112 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Dave Mardiros 8902-120 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Habib Bikfash 9113-61 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Michael Shravand 103, 10315-113 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Kelly Reinhardt P. O. Box 76004 Southgate, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Christione Turdgood 10440-86 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Iryna Bura 10446-68 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Sarah Crooks Bsmt. 11324- . Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Raymond Caldway 10250-122 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  David Cannon 110, 4220-139 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Sharalyn Smith 180-Warwick Rd. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Amber Meyer 1540-Lakewood Rd. W., Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Frisia Eddy 8723-77 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Tricia Bell 9838-90 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Ryan Ruddich 9838-90 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Ryon Van Den Berl 8723-77 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Jack Swanson 8727-93 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Khosnow Tahail Iran 
Sorah Shiavand 202, 9909-Bellamy Hill, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Seyed Emadi 2248-110 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Rogers 13042-101 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Tommas Gallie 10661-62 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Patricia Hydes RR4 Calmar, Alberta Canada  Mary Anne King 8432-109 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Maria Hurtado 1169-75 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Miguel Cerna 5811-144 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Ariela Lau 5811-144 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Miguel Cerna Lau 5811-144 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Victor Gavilan Asistente Social. Estudiante en Educación de Adultos.Universidad de Calgary.Canada M. Antonia Arnau Puigvert Administrativa- Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Barcelona. España
Walter Giacoman Vallejos Informático-Centro de Estudios Financieros de Barcelona. España  Berta Loayza Arnau Filólaga-traductora - Intentia de Barcelona. España 
Samir Giacoman Arnau Estudiante- Colegio Sant Gregori de Barcelona. España  Pablo Quintana Periodista de la agencia Esquel del diario El Chubut Esquel, Chubut, Argentina
Susana Gentil. Asistente de Investigación. Universidad De Uppsala. Suecia Christine Pagnoulle, PhD. Traduction anglais-français Litteratures anglaises modernes. Universite de Liege, Belgique.
Arthur Kabuya, Ingénieur, chercheur à l'université de Liège, Belgique Eric David, Professeur de droit international à
l'Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgique 
Michel Delville, Docteur en philosophie et lettres, Chargé de cours, Littératures anglaises modernes et littérature américaine, Université de Liège, Belgique Juan Sebastián Oehrens, Physicist - M. Sc. rer. nat. Planificator of Wind Parks. Germany
Prof. Cécile Rolin, Coordinatrice pour le Chili à Amnesty International Belgique Francophone.Beersel. Belgique.  Christiane Hladky. Directrice Générale Adjointe de la Ville de Villeneuve d'Ascq . France
Françoise Noel, Docteur en Sciences, Chef de travaux à l'Université de Liège  Hugo Urrestarazu, Ingeniero de Investigación y Desarrollo de Software Industrial, Bernardswiller, Francia.
Györgyi Imre, MA in History of Art, Hungarian National Gallery. Budapest, Hungary Héctor Estrella. Educador- escritor, Director Editorial latinoamericana Estocolmo -Suecia
Patricio Ocampos,artiste plasticien.  Peter Por. Irodalomtörténész, professzor  , Rouen, France
J Francois Paradis  Gestionnaire Qualite chez KOOKAI. Paris, France Roland LIBOIS, zoologiste, U.R. Zoogéographie, Chargé de cours (prof.) Université de Liège, Belgique
Enrique Cortes Larravide, Antropologo. Estudiante en cuarto año de etnologia en La Sorbona, Francia.