The Mapuche Documentation Center, Ñuke Mapu (Mother Earth in mapuche language) started in 1996 and is part of a large interdisciplinary research programme entitled Development Sociology Seminar. The Mapuche Documentation Center, Ñuke Mapu started as a research and information programme under the Department of Sociology at Uppsala University, Sweden and administered in strict conformity with the principles of to teach, to do research and to educate. Today we are an independent publication. 

The purpose of the Mapuche Documentation Center, Ñuke Mapu is to provide interested members of the public (academics and non-academics) with reference and study material, and with research being developed about the social, political, cultural and intellectual reality of our Mapuche people.

Our information Web page is one of the most efficient means through which our purpose is realised. It was set up in 1997. It should be noted that our Web page has caused great interest due to its being an educational interactive project of a particular profile, originality, and quality; and because of its free access.

A number of academic activities are performed in connection with the Documentation Center, Ñuke Mapu, such as the supervision of students and research projects. A permanent activity consists of the transfer of information from different press agencies, as well as being a discussion forum and means of publication for the intellectual production of Mapuche researchers who typically lack the means to publish in Chile.

Additionally this Webb documentation project creates a forum to discuss and debate research interests, theories and methods for researchers and students world-wide. It has also enabled the researchers and students individually and collectively to make network with other institutions within Sweden and outside. 

This project is a work in permanent progress. These pages will be constantly developed and updated.

The Ñuke Mapu Documentation Center is organized to meet the following objectives:

  • Discuss sociological theories of development in relation to development problems facing indigenous peoples, and mapuche people in particular.
  • Provide guidance and academic supervision for students interested in indigenous people research.
  • Prepare Working Papers related to sociology on indigenous people research.
  • Help participants to follow the current debates and thinking through assembling materials from journals and current research.
Allow us now to draw your attention to the conditions for usage and manipulation presented below, which apply to all the documents we present to you. We trust that you will respect them.

All Ñuke Mapu Documentation Center, files may be reproduced for electronic transfer provided that: 

  • All text remains unaltered. 
  • No profit is made from such transfer. 
  • Full credit is given to the author(s) and the Ñuke Mapu Documentation Center

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jorge Calbucura
Coordinator, Ñuke Mapu Documentation Center

* From year 2000 we had changed our name from Ñuke Mapu Documentation Project to Ñuke Mapu Documentation Center

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